I always had a passion and skill for both art and computers.  So over 15 years ago I decided instead of choosing one, to choose both and start a career. I remember in the beginning of college,  we were challenged to create an identity for ourselves. I decided to not only create an identity but to create a business, one which would help me build my skills and fund 6 years of college and university. Through that time I have worked on several projects ranging from design, billboards, TV, games, interactive content, responsive design, social media and more.

Today, I work full-time in the social media and digital marketing space. However still pursue my passion of all that is design and online, through Chrismedia.  I enjoy helping businesses reach their marketing and advertising goals, working together for a quality product and getting results.

Please feel free to reach out to me:

Twitter: @chrismedia
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/chrismedia
Google+: +ChristineW
Email: info@chrismedia.ca

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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