Email Marketing – Be timely, relevant and well designed

Email is an important marketing tool. I am among the demographic that opens up their email in the morning, and throughout the day. I subscribe to multiple e-newsletters, and use it as my communication tool to keep in touch with friends and business connections. With that in mind, I get tons of email and only the ones that are relevant and timely get through the noise and get my attention. For me, the most important dynamics of an email that resonate are those that are relevant, timely and well designed.


I appreciate emails that are personalized. Companies such as Kraft have included my name within the design, making it feel like the email is just for me. Its also about providing content that I would find useful. Shoppers Drug Mart sends emails about specific products I have purchased already that have Optimum points or special offers to purchase again. Its these relevant emails that peak my interest and make me more likely to click on the email to learn more, as I am more confident my destination will be of interest. As mentioned by SilverPop “ in today’s customer-driven world, highly relevant, individualized messages are what drive buyers to engage with marketing emails(1) ”


As they say, it’s about being in the “right place, at the right time”. Receiving an email that is timely, such as Super Bowl recipes a couple days before Super Bowl make me likely to read now as opposed to later.

Another example is an email I received from Home Depot a couple weeks ago the same day there was a snowstorm, which had content related winter products and included the weather and temperature in the email. Emails such as this make me more likely to click while its top of mind, and to ensure I don’t miss a window of opportunity for content.

Well Designed 

Email design is about more than just aesthetics. To be well designed needs to ensure  important information is available to your audience, and includes best practices such as key product information and calls to action above the fold, as well as responsive design. Ensuring I can have an optimal experience on both my desktop computer and mobile phone is key. Emails that are not responsive become frustrating when viewed on a mobile device. While it may include nice imagery, unfortunately one is less likely to struggle to view the content and take action.

Today’s email markets need to design with mobile top of mind. Accordingly to Campaign Monitor, over 53% of emails are opened on mobile devices(2). Which makes it increasingly important to have emails that are designed to provide a good user experience on all devices, especially mobile.

When designing for email, keep in mind traditional design rules don’t apply. Like all marketing tactics, think about the medium, the user and how you want them to interact – then design accordingly.

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