Experience gained not wasted

I was inspired to write to post after talking with a family member about career development. Some young adults seem to feel pressure into determining their career early when they are still trying to wade out what it is they like to do. My answer to that… go with what comes to you naturally, what you feel passionate about and can see yourself doing… and what if you change your mind?

Then you do.

Looking on the positive, everything is an experience in some shape or form. I talk with people who have made huge career changes to find that even if its a completely different career, they can carry over some of those experiences.

Some examples:

Advertising to Music:
Your creativity and ability to market yourself will allow you to express yourself more effectively.

Lawyer to Sales:
You have acquired a great sense of negioation and strategy, with an ability to read people.

Business to Journalism:
Your ability to analyze will help you in developing stories. As well, your communication skills will come in handy when interviewing people.

So if you are thinking of doing something different and you feel more passionate about, if it makes sense give it a shot – you already have some experience.


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