Getting ready for your first day back after a long weekend

We all know the drill… You enjoy a long weekend full of all the things that entertain and excite you. You enjoy a netflix marathon (or 2) and maybe even catch up on some relaxing time. It’s one extra day, but something about it is amazing and helps you catch up on life. So why is it so hard bouncing back from a long weekend? I’m still looking for all the answers to this one. But a lot of it comes back to routine. Your internal clock needs time to reset and readjust to get back into the swing of things. So how does one do that?

  • Sleep. Get your sleeping patterns back to normal sooner rather than later. Try to maintain a consistent schedule throughout the weekend, especially the night before your day back.
  • Relax. Easier said than done, but spend your last day enjoying… well, you. Catch up on some couch time, have a bath, anything that brings you to relaxation – yoga, a nice walk or time with someone special.
  • Eat good. Long weekends can have an effect on our diet, which can make us feel groggy. The day before try and clean foods like chicken, veggies, salad, water with lemon… and pack a similar fresh lunch to start the day back on a good note.
  • Prep before. We all know waking up the first day back is brutal. So save some time in the morning and get everything ready the night before… Lunch, clothes, work bag. That way you can wake up ready to go.
  • Drink water. Lots.
  • Make a list. Spend a few minutes jotting down a list of everything you need to do the upcoming weekend. It will help you focus on priorities and plan your week.

These are some tips that I found help make that first day back a bit better.

Good luck and enjoy your day back to work!

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