Responsive Design

I have a “mobile” first attitude, with a solid understanding of Responsive Design. Several projects I have designed specifically for a responsive environment, as well as adapted creative with mobile in mind. I’m currently in the progress of compiling everything to add to this page, however in the meantime here are some examples of work I have done within the responsive space.

Client: NSLC
Project: Find your summer favourites
Role: Art Director, Responsive design
Agency: Squareknot
Description: Used print files to redesign the email to be email friendly and responsive.NSLC_Wines_Res_Mockup

Client: Hilton
Project: Responsive email re-design (English and French)
Role: Art Director, Responsive design
Agency: Squareknot
Description: Re-evaluated Hilton’s email design/development, and re-designed with email best practices and responsive design in mind.


Client: Century21
Project: Responsive email re-design
Role: Art Director, Responsive designer
Agency: Squareknot
Description: Put together email recommendations and responsive templated emails to accommodate frequent Century email deployments.


For more examples of work I have done, please email me. Thanks!

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