Nano targetting – Targeting for that special someone

So I have been reading up on Nanotargetting lately. I didn’t realize how granular you can target when it comes to Facebook Ads. As a marketer, you often are taught to get your message out there to all the potential people you can. However what if it was more important to get that message out to the one person that can make a difference? This is what Dave Kerpan touched on in the book Likable Social Media. In the book, he cites an example of one of his own experiences where he targetted an ad specifically to his girlfriend on Facebook, just her. While we all might not have the same romantic goals for ads, this is a great tool when it comes to targetting say the CEO of a large corporation or a potential decision maker.

Here is an example of Nanotargetting to a specific individual. In this case, the proposed ad would be targetting an ad to McDonald’s CEO Don Thompson, who fits all the criteria I have entered (see below).

Nano Targetting Example



1. Pick a person you want to Nanotarget an ad to (can be a potential employer, friend, etc)
2. Play around with the Facebook ad settings and see how specific you can target them.
3. Run an ad!
4. Follow up (if you can). Did they receive the ad? Did they click on it? See what learnings you can get from Nanotargetting.

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